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Welcome to the Seeker's Guide for Awenechen, a Gwyddon tradition. 'Awenechen' is Welsh for "The clan (or family) that seek divine inspiration." Gwyddon is an ancient Welsh religious tradition. Our tradition, which has been in the United States since 1792, has become somewhat Americanized, adapting to the land in which it is practiced. This Seeker's Guide includes our history, altar tools, gods, philosophy, metaphysics and more. Our structure includes the advanced priesthood Colleges of Derwydd (Druid), Gwyddonydd (Vatis or Ovatis) and Bardd (Bard). This material is open to all seeking to learn more about us.

The study of these materials in no way qualifies one to call themselves a Gwyddon of any level. If you would like to learn, please contact one of the Colleges listed below.

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The following are the logos of the member colleges.
College of the Silvering Wheel
College of
the Silvering Wheel

Oroville, CA
College of the 9 Rings
College of
the Nine Rings

Danville, KY
College of the Red Dragon
College of
the Red Dragon

Westport, CT
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