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Artist unknown
In the blind night
Thieves come fleeting
Eyes alight with lust for wealth
Then suddenly--
True Illumination!
(the cessation of all desire)
The first yellow light
Of day runs in the east
To the sound of joyful humming--

Mourning New bones piled before
The dragon's gate

Sphinxmoth copyright 2000
My B-day gift, Dec., 2000 - Draeconin

Humor & Poetry - and Me


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About Me

I'm about 1/8 Cherokee, but I have no way of proving it - my mother's parents were German and Finnish immigrants, so the family have a tendency to gloss over the Native American part my father's heritage. The rest of his heritage is mostly German with a mixture of Scots and Irish.

I've been a cook, meat cutter, psych tech (worked both with developmentally disabled and troubled teens) and a med tech. Now disabled, occasional computer work is all I can handle, although I've recently begun to write slash (male/male) fiction.

My spiritual life, as you might guess, is pagan. My mother has always been a fundamentalist Christian, but my father was agnostic (she eventually won him over to her views) and it is to him that I owe the freedom to explore on my own. I guess I became 'pagan' when I was about 14, though I had no name for it until about 20 years later. I read about many different spiritual ideas from many sources, including sci-fi/fantasy books & included a few of these in my spiritual conglomeration, along with psychic studies. I began my formal study of paganism about 1987 as a Brit Trad Wicca - Kingstone Tradition. Due to political/personal reasons I left that after two years and started studying Gwyddon (gwih-thon), which I became dissociated with about 1999.

I'm interested in art & created background tiles as a part of that (the internet left that idea behind, so I did also, but left them here as art), love most kinds of music, & like too well to eat. I'm a bit old-fashioned, and a liberal at the same time. I can be stubborn, but will concede a point given good evidence/reason to do so.

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