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All graphics on this site are my work. These images are not public domain. These graphics are Copyright Shamyn Whitehawk. All rights reserved. If you use any of these original backgrounds (or button, or bar) it must carry the copyright on the page on which it is displayed. Example: <small>Background Copyright &copy; Shamyn Whitehawk</small>. This will yield Background Copyright 1998-2007 Shamyn Whitehawk . You may use these graphics free of charge in the making of your personal Web page. I ask that in return you display a reference and link to Draeconin's Background Designs on at least one page on the site on which they appear. You can use one of the optional buttons and banners or a text link. The code for a text link is
<a href="http://draeconin.com/">Draeconin's Background Designs</a>.

You may not redistibute (offer them for free from your homepage or graphics site), sell the graphics on any media or alter them. See below for use of these graphics on a commercial site or as part of a commercial package, etc. All contents on Draeconin's Background Designs are copyright Shamyn Whitehawk unless noted otherwise and are not for redistribution or commercial use except as delineated below.

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If you would like to use the graphics on this site for any commercial or business purpose or on any commercial or business site (including non-profit), there is a license fee for this. You can contact me by e-mail through the link at the bottom of this page for fees. I can not make free graphics for other people's profit. Not fair to me!
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