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Pagan Articles

In the following articles you'll find information about Irish and Celtic law, Celtic society and religion, the symbolism of certain animals in Celtic culture, the history and other topics on Wicca, studies and opinions on Celtic calendars and modern neo-pagan practices, suggestions for studies and basic skills, and more.
A Celtic God List
Basic Deity Types - Kondratiev
How to repair your aura, ground and shield - Draeconin
Irish law - One view - Joyce
Irish law - Another view - Hyde
Celtic Law - Karl
What animals represented in Celtic society. - Noodén
Exploring new interpretations of past and place in archaeology, mythology and folklore. - Trubshaw
A Short List of Celtic Gods
Celtic Religion - What information do we really have? - Karl
Celtic Symbology
Some Celtic words and phrases and their meanings.
About the Celts - Laing
Cernunnos - The Horned One
The Dagda - The Celtic Father God - Schneider
The origins of the words Wicca and witch. - Johnson
What are ghosts? - Draeconin
The Greater Year of the Full Moon - Anna Hawk
The High Days of the Moon - Anna Hawk
How Gwion became Taliesin, son of Cerridwen.
The Migrations of the Indo-European Mother Goddesses - Anna Hawk
Answers for some of the more common questions about paganism and witchcraft - Draeconin
Danu and Bile - The primordial parents of the gods? - Kondatriev
Psychic Exercises - Draeconin
Recent Developments in the Study of The Great European Witch Hunt - Gibbons
Some of the things you'll want to study - Draeconin
Religious guidelines? Or superstition? - Draeconin
An Irreverent peek into Neopagan views of history - Hautin-Mayor
Who Were the Celts? - Author unknown
Ancient Celtic Warfare - Raimund Karl

About Wicca
The Secret History of Wicca - Greenfield
Wicca Timeline - Lamond
Wicca Timeline - Lamond
Why Wicca is Not Celtic Paganism - Perry
Why Wicca is Not Celtic - MacAnTsaoir & O'Laoghaire

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15 Irish Recipes
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